The Djinn and Tonnick Murder Mystery Series


Iraqi veteran, Mark Tonnick, is a cynical, world-weary, self-employed private detective whose specialty is tracking down cheating spouses and running skip traces for the local bookies. But the work has dried up, he can't afford to renew his license, and he's at the end of his financial rope.

Then, in an unexpected stroke of luck, he’s recruited to solve a case with a big payday. There's just a couple problems. The item he's hired to retrieve is a cursed object that leaves death and destruction in its wake. And, as a condition of his employment, he has to partner with Delinda Djinn, a beautiful young woman who is far more than she seems. 

Tonnick soon finds himself up to his neck in magic, immortal beings, mayhem, and murder. While he doesn’t really believe in any of it, the increasing body count convinces him that something serious is going down. On top of it, he's falling in love with a woman who thinks she's a genie. What could possibly go wrong?